Mental health is often discussed at length on the show, but rarely is physical health talked as often. Since early this year, Ben, Jason, and Mike have been on a journey towards better physical health. Along the way, they've been learning some valuable lessons and gaining insights about the connection between physical activity and improved mental health.

This connection is something that has been observed in the healthcare field with nurses. During the pandemic, nurses were stressed out and suffering poor mental health conditions. This resulted in more preventable medical errors. 

Ben, Jason, and Mike are all obese by the BMI standards. Obesity often causes depression, and kicks off a vicious cycle that includes anxiety and self-deprecating thoughts. Listen in to hear more about this cycle.

We wrap by comparing perceptions of mental health in the US/UK, and touch one last time on the healthcare field's view of mental health.


You'll hear stories about real people who have dealt with depression, anxiety, addiction, self-doubt or any other struggle they've faced on their journey through life. It doesn't matter where you are in your own story - there's something for everyone on this show!

And if you need someone to talk to when it feels like things just aren't going well - reach out! We want nothing more than for every person who listens to this show feel less alone in the world. 

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