Have you ever met a person whose presence just warms up the room? Anne Lafleur is one of those people. Anne has dedicated her life to spreading what she calls The Gift of Happiness and one of the ways she does this is through her project Signs of Kindness. This project puts signs displaying encouraging messages on the front lawns throughout neighborhoods in America. Listen in as Ben & Jason find out more about Anne's passion, her views on faith, and the legacy she wants to leave behind.


Ben & Jason both have signs in their yards thanks to Anne, and so does Ben's neighbor! One of our listeners, Kate, also has one. A local veterinarian's office also ordered signs from Anne to display in their parking lot. These signs tend to put a smile on the faces of people as they pass by. 

Want to learn more about Anne's mission, or inquire about putting a sign on display? Check out The Gift of Happiness website and Facebook Page.

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