Babita Spinelli is a licensed therapist who practices in the greater NYC area. She takes a psychodynamic approach to therapy and focuses on attachment issues. Her key area of expertise is narcissism, and on this episode Babita fills Ben & Jason in on what narcissism looks like and how to engage with those who are narcissists.

During the conversation, Jason felt a bit uncomfortable and wondered if he himself is a narcissist! Ben reassured Jason that if he truly was a narcissist, he wouldn't have the ability to notice that in himself. Babita further calmed Jason's nerves by saying we ALL have narcissistic tendencies at times. Babita is an extremely intelligent and thoughtful therapist who made "heady" topics easily approachable on this episode. We look forward to collaborating with her again in the future!

Check out a couple of articles Babita recently authored, in light of the covid-19 pandemic:

You can learn more about Babita at her website and follow her on Instagram.

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