Here on the Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered, it can be easy to get comfortable with our normal show. Talk about life's valleys and mountains? Check. Talk about mental health? Done. 

We often challenge you, our listeners, to step out of your comfort zone. Go to therapy. Be real in your communication. And at some point... we need to be challenged, too. That's why we are intentionally focusing on having uncomfortable conversations on our show. When we get uncomfortable, growth happens. 

On this episode, we are joined by Natalie Wanner, author of Crazy on the Inside: A Memoir of Nobody Special. After the typical suburban lifestyle sucked the joy and fulfillment out of her life, Natalie and her husband decided to take an unorthodox approach to helping Natalie find relief. They opened their marriage, allowing Natalie room to go to New York City once a month to live out her dream of being a writer in The Big Apple. Natalie was also free to form new relationships and seek out the fulfillment and joy that had gone missing.

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