Listen in as our new friend Chris Misterek talks about his struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Chris happens to come from a family where mental illness was prevalent on both sides, and not everyone impacted sought the help they needed. 

Chris shares openly about his journey that led him from full-time ministry into being a single dad needing a side hustle to make ends meet. After putting his kids to bed, Chris started doing freelance web design. This pursuit eventually bloomed into a full blown business, and now Chris is passionate about helping others on the same journey.

He also shares about what it is like to not have any control over his thought life, and how he was finally able to get help. You’ll hear stories about the pitfalls of “Biblical counseling,” but also stories about the incredible effectiveness of treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy paired with medicine.

To learn more about Chris’ work, check out The Self Made Web Designer.


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