Threads: Life Unfiltered is an experiment in vulnerability. Despite a wide spectrum of life experiences, there are common threads that tie all of us together. Threads focuses on these aspects of life as hosts and guests seek to find common ground. In a world of divisive politics, biased media that incites anger and aggression, and polarizing viewpoints, our pursuit is to find and celebrate what ties us together. This pursuit requires us to be open, honest, and transparent.

Hosts Ben Kraker & Jason Tieri share unfiltered personal updates, take turns answering questions unscripted, share about their biggest flubs and mistakes from the week, and discuss current events together. The goal is to have honest conversations and exemplify what true authenticity looks like. 

Ben & Jason are both from Grand Rapids, Michigan and met while driving for Uber and Lyft. You can also hear Ben and Jason on the GR Rideshare Adventures podcast.

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